BADI TRAVEL is one of the major customers partnering with FlexCom Solutions. It is a company specializing in organizing experience tours with HomeStay inclusively offered in many attractive travel paradises nowadays. Mission of BADI TRAVEL is to provide a lifetime experience for each trip.

It is a great pleasure for FlexCom Solutions to work with members of BADI TRAVEL. They are always full of enthusiasm and energetic to inspire one another and create as of today.

Understanding the passion of BADI TRAVEL team for a prestigious and high-quality travel service, FlexCom Solutions technology engineers have always tried to create the most eye-catching and perfect website product, along with many user-friendly features for both web users and web administrator.

Features that BADI TRAVEL has:

  • Display Tour list according to smart location filter
  • Display HomeStay list according to smart location filter
  • Tools to write blog post directly on the website
  • Support to book tour
  • Support to book room
  • Support to book the vehicle
  • Can login with Facebook and gmail account
  • Can manage and edit user’s information
  • Quick search with any information
  • Manage location
  • Manage the Tour and HomeStay information
  • Have admin page to manage all settings for website
  • Manage customer’s information
  • Some other specialized functions

Customer name: BADI Travel
Category: Travel Agency
Website package: FlexCode



Date published

9 Tháng Tám, 2019