FlexCode Website Package

FlexCode offers the package of website development service. The package was built in 2014 by the latest .Net Framework technology from Microsoft and PHP from many FlexCom’s senior software engineer.

  • With the FlexCode Website Package, our company always listen to customers’ requests to advise the best and most suitable solutions for the following systems:
    • Sales management
    • Professional management for Construction companies
    • Service management for Tourism companies
    • Hotel Management
    • Company promotion
    • Human Resource Management
    • ERP system development
    • ……

👍 Using the FlexCode website package, you will be supported the following privileges:

  • Add unlimited functions, easy to develop and integrate more functions to support a client.
  • Developed from fundamental needs and tailored according to your business.
  • Provide better operational performance: Support customers to use the website anytime, anywhere with high performance, clear and easy-to-search information to increase operational efficiency.
  • Support SEO search optimization: The application provides users with better interaction with Google’s link algorithms, and increases the efficiency of information collection.
  • Integrated with the latest network attack blockers
  • Multi-platform design (Reponsive) with a unique template.
  • Inclusive warranty and maintenance service during website usage, from 1 to 2 years.
  • FlexCom will have many training sessions and help the clients to maintain their product.
  • The entire source code developed by FlexCom will be transferred to the clients.

👎 Disadvantages:

  • The development cost will be high depend on the number of functions as per request from client.
  • FlexCom will need to take more time for development depend on the number of functions as per request from client.



Date published

28 Tháng Mười Hai, 2017