Mobile Applications

Flexcom Solutions Company provides the Mobile Applications Implementation package for individual or business:

  • Advertisement about the product ( e.g: clothing, jewelry, tour).
  • Order management.
  • Booking online.
  • Human resource management.

Currently, Flexcom Solutions Company has provided a mobile application development package with the Flutter platform to keep up with the trend of technology as well as customers’ demands on price and mobile application development time. Next to the native platforms that were provided are Android and Swift.

  • The advantage of Flutter is using to develop for both Android OS and IOS. Therefore it helps the individual or business waste of time and money.
  • Flutter’s disadvantages compared to Android and Swift are:
    • The performance is lower.
    • There are not some modules that are in Android or IOs (Android: OpenGL used to create 3D graphics application interface, Video support, …  )

There is another way to save time and cost via PHP frameworks comparison. Hire Flexcom Solutions Company. We deliver excellent Flutter & Native language development solutions to build your web application. Our dedicated developers are well skilled and offer.



Date published

10 Tháng Tám, 2019