WordPress Website Package

WordPress is a technology platform developed since 2003 by a community of professional programmers around the world based on PHP programming language.
Developed with many friendly features and good support for users.
WordPress website development platform can meet with a lot of requirements from the client, such as:

  • Personal Blog
  • E-commerce website
  • Build a website to introduce services to the company
  • Booking online system
  • And a lot of difference system

Base on the outstanding capabilities of WordPress website development platform as well as with many years of experience working in the field of website design and development.

FlexCom Solutions has chosen WordPress as one of the main platforms to serve customers’ website development needs.
Like the criteria of WordPress, FlexCom Solutions when developing a website on WordPress website development platform also follows the criteria RAPID, BEAUTIFUL, CHEAP and FLEXIBLE.

In addition, FlexCom Solutions is one of the young technology solutions companies that should always update the Design trend and develop a world-class website. Should All interface be designed when customers choose the package WordPress website development platform will be using copyright design on THEMFOREST.

Which customer be suitable for the WordPress website development platform of FlexCom Solutions? This platform will meet for the customers who want to develop a website that introduces businesses, commercial activities or individuals who wish to develop their online business system following the SEO standard and etc.

Base on the friendly, quick features and packaging of WordPress website development platform will have the following advantages and disadvantages:

👍 Advantages:

  • Low development costs
  • Quick development time
  • Beautiful template and follow the standard
  • Good support for SEO
  • Support for display on multiple mobile devices

👎 Disadvantages:

  • Limit on the level of intervention and modification
  • Limitations on scalability and scaling up of website systems


Services Description Cost
Website interface design Customers will choose the design interface to suit the needs 1.500.000 to 2.000.000 Vnd
Website Development Developing the detailed functions for the website From 3.000.000 to 6.000.000
Domain (if have) .COM, .COM.VN, .VN, .NET, … From 350.000 Vnd
SSD Linux Hosting (if have) From 30.000 Vnd/month
Maintance Service From 6 to 12 months FREE





Date published

15 Tháng Năm, 2018